18 Jul 2010

Good times, good times....

Well I have had a v.busy weekend entertaining the in-laws as it was my husband's graduation. Firstly some cute pics from the Strawberry Fayre evening held with the ladies from my church recently. My friend's little girl enjoying a strawb....she is soooo adorable and makes me *seriously* broody! The strawberry spread with trifles, merengues, cheesecakes and puffs...I made strawberry and brownie cupcakes but they don't look that pretty - the icing was a bit bleugh!
This is Arne's little sister enjoying her fruit fajita at Los Iguana's in Leeds. This was our meal out to celebrate on Saturday night. Friday night we had a curry at Aggrar's and it defo deserves all its awards but Laura took the pics that night!
His official graduation pic with his family. It is a really lovely shot. It is a shame I couldn't get the day off from work, but I felt it was more about his family this day.
Obviously I can't wait to scrap all these pics. Any ideas for good graduation fodder?

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  1. They adored them!! One teacher even said it was the most enjoyment she'd had in a long while...and not to tell her husband! which I took as pretty good compliment!
    You missed out...wispa Gold's have retreated back to where they came from and are not sold in shops anymore! I have a few left in my baking cupboard though so I may take pity on you and save you one...they are very yummy, but you're not that much of a caramel fan are you? I got so many boxes of chocs from the kids at school today! Glad you like my new header and bookshelf. Mara scrapped a page of my graduation and did a little scroll embellishment which was pretty cool, i may even have some grad paper left over you could pinch x


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