23 Jul 2010

Cute cupcake treats!

Well even though it was my Arne's graduation the M.I.L brought me a cupcake giftbag full of cupcake goodies...it was so exciting opening them all. They were all wrapped in lovely polka dot tissue paper from none other than Primark! These three cupcake candles were from Laura Ashley and are just too cute to burn...
These little notecards were from Primark (although I have never seen them at the shop in Leeds.) I have already used a few of them to write little thank-you and thinking of you notes. They are glittery and cute and I may just cut some of them up and use them for scrapping.
This hand cream is so cute too and smells gorgeous and summery. It reminds me of the Body shop body butters - yum!
And lastly a cupcake recipe book. How delicious does this chocolate fudge frosting look?? I have had a few cupcake flops recently - mainly as I always substitute the ingredients when I can't be bothered to go to the shops! So I will have to use my summer hols to make some successful ones!
Wasn't I a lucky lady??! And now I have six weeks of holiday stretching out before me. I have finished a layout this morning for my DT, but will have to wait to reveal it. Get yourself over there and take part in the dreams challenge as you have until the 31st to complete it.
It is our one year wedding anniversary on Sunday and so we are going away for the night to a posh hotel. There will be some anniversary style and graduation layouts on the way I promise...
Happy Friday bloggers!


  1. Wow can we swop? wish my M.I.L spoilt me like that! those goodies are amazing, i've never seen candles so cute and the body lotion looks awesome, I have that cupcake book too...can't wait to see your layouts! a posh hotel...and Malta? you guys are so spoilt! xxx

  2. You lucky thing - look at all that cupcake goodness what a lovely mil you have and congratulatins on Arnes graduation.
    Take Care - Ju x


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