27 Jul 2010

Anniversary weekend and new hair...eeek!!!

First things first...before the cheesy pics...my new hair colour.... What do you think??? I conducted a fb survey and most people said go for it so Arne did it for me. I knew I wouldn't love it at first, but its not as bad as I thought and I don't have the awful roots I always had before. So this weekend we reached a milestone in our relationship - our first wedding anniversary. So indulge me whilst I share some cheesy pics of our celebrations...soon to be made into LO's. So here we are at Fountains Abbey in a little cave...the rain held out so we could enjoy a long walk through this national trust property. We went to this cute gastro pub in Ripon where we were staying. My very creamy and rich garlic risotto with ducks eggs on top...it was lush but I should have had it starter size as I couldn't finish it. Carrot and coriander soup - liquid nectar! Flowers and balloons from the hubby...the other part of his pressie was a slideshow which I will upload when it stops being annoying. He also got me *paper* tickets to see JLS in Jan...lots of screaming teens...I will be in my elemant! Our cute little cove of a hotel room in the historic Deanery Hotel....although I was dissapointed that our bed was just double and not king like ours at home....what were we paying for really??! So it's been a bumpy start with lots of silly squabbles - most notably over a very wobbly ikea wardrobe and my refusal to cook meat and the fact I live in a "bubble" as i never have any cash on me!!! In fact my little sister Gems told me I should make a blog of our arguments as they are much more amusing than my scrapping - ha!!! But we're adjusting. We didn't live together before we got married so there was a lot of compromising and we're both really stubborn people. But I love my baby and we loved looking through the wedding scrapbook and reading our wedding cards and guest book again and just basking in the memories of the best day of both of our lives!


  1. your hair colour looks fab and congrats on your 1st anniversary with many more happy ones to come.
    Yake Care Hun - Ju xx

  2. Mate, I've missed out on the whole wobbly Ikea wardrobe sage - fill me in! Love the new hair colour...not sure about the dodgy pic tho! and love all the pics of your anniversary fun, I never knew Arne was such a romantic! I loved the slideshow too and how he snuck that pic of that little garden gnome in! xxx p.s I can't believe you wanted JLS tickets - you're so sad!

  3. congrats on your anniversary, hair looks fab xx


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