2 Oct 2014

Me on a Monday (*ahem*) on a Thursday...

It's been an auntie visiting from London, farmers market in the sunshine, Yummy Yank baked goods scoffing, sour dough bread perusing, street food festival attending, street food treats deliberating, neglectful head banging, ice-pack avoiding, new suit for daddy purchasing, very poorly mummy, box set watching, daddy slaving over a roast dinner, mummy eating plain toast instead, run around at a forest park, red faced due to neglectful bruise kind of a weekend! 

How was yours? Probably a distant memory by now. 
So The Baby has just smeared my lip balm all over his face, my bag and the floor best dash...


  1. Ouch :(. That sounds like not-a-relaxing-weekend. Hoping all is well now ...

  2. Hope you are feeling better now x

  3. Hope everything is feeling better as we head towards the next one..

    This weekend will probably be a new suit buying one here, I think.


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