20 Oct 2014

Me on a Monday...

Okay so this is going to be 'Me on a Monday' for the last few weeks. 

It's been a birthday celebrating, eating a naan as big as your head, getting spoilt by my family and friends, girls night at the delicious cheerful chilli with platters and platters of yummy food, the Baby stealing my chocolates, a rare date night with the Belgian to see Gone Girl a gripping thriller, poor baby teething and night time screaming and lack of sleeping for us and lots of cuddling and calpol and napping when baby naps on my day's off and chocolate muffin baking, lots of sneaky Project Lifing (with some actual scrapping action scheduled for the blog this very week), pumpkin patch visiting, chilling out on a gorgeous autumn afternoon at the ice-cream farm, birthday party attending (how happy does he look) and lots of chasing after our very active little man. Wouldn't have it any other way, hey? 


  1. I hope the teeth are feeling a lot better and this is a week with a happy boy and two well rested parents!

  2. have a good week Mel - i love the chocolate stealing photo x


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