3 Oct 2014

Guide to a successful British Food Festival Family day out...

1) Arrive early so that you have time to check out all of the food trucks before the crowds arrive. Play 'I've seen this truck at Trinity' game. Feel disappointed there are not more (or any) samples.

2) Find the kiddy friendly area and marvel at all the cute attention to detail. Baby clocks the crafty table and tries to eat some beads. Distract him with a round of mini golf and he tries to eat the burger and chips.  Drag him kicking and screaming away from the kiddy area.

3) Take it in turns to watch the Baby whilst you go and purchase your chosen dish. Bring back to the table and hope that you can eat it before The Baby kicks off.

4) All try a little bit of each others so that you try a dish from each continent.

5) Let the Baby run loose and then try to get him to sit on a bench to watch some of the entertainment. Instead he stands on the bench and then falls off. Have an awful moment when he is screaming his head off and everyone is staring at you like your the worst parent ever. Ahhh! Find First Aid tent. Your sister decides to take a photograph to capture the moment and gets told off by the First Aider and told to delete the photo. Ooops! Then have to fill out ten forms as they issued us with an ice-pack.

6) Watch the entertainment and encourage The Baby to clap. He is over his bump already. 

7) Force The Belgian to join in with the break dancing. I LOVE these photos. He actually did quite well and may well have a future in hip hop. He was just hoping for free noodles and instead, of course, the little boy and girl he was up against won. Roar with laughter as The Baby heads onto the break dancing mat and throws some shapes.

8) Relax at home and vow never to eat anything ever again. Ever. 

(Please excuse the sideways photos - I know there is a way to amend this but I am feeling lazy!)


  1. Sounds like a whale of a time (bar the bump of course) although im slightly confused as to why they made you delete a photo of a tent?! I HATE those moments when people stare/judge an evidently normal child incident- they fall and bump and twist and turn- that's how they learn not to do it again!

  2. haha i see those hip hop photos on a layout coming soon. Oooh that was a nasty bump....poor baby! One of mine had two terrible black eyes where he feel and caught his face on the coffee table...everyone looked (and commented) when we were out......I shouldn't worry I think it's happened to us all at somepoint! x


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