18 Sep 2014

Currently//September Style

Feeling// Glad we finally have a new car that doesn't cut out or buck when in low gears, or permanently have the ominous engine light on. But also frustrated that we had to spend all of our Saturday (five hours at least) in a used car show room going through the motions. Super excited to have a card and not a key - welcome to the modern world. Also like the cherry red colour - a departure from our usual preference of turquoise. Slightly anxious about taking it out on finance as I have always preferred paying for things up front.

Watching// It was the Belgian's turn (actually it always seems to be the Belgian's turn) to choose a new series on Netflix and so we opted for Walking Dead as we'd heard good things. Despite the fact it is based on a comic book (not my thing) and about zombies (also not my thing) and very, very gory (defo not my thing) I am actually enjoying it and now waiting for the new series to come out.

Reading// All the standard English-teacher-in-September books like Importance of Being Earnest and Woman in White. Reading for pleasure is over till next summer.

Loving// Days off with my little man. Hanging out in the park, or retail parks or having an adventure walk or lunch in Leeds. It makes working worth it when I know I have two special days at the end of the week for just the two of us. Also currently loving his nap time - does this make me a bad mother? Haha!

Planning// My September back-to-school resolution was to be more organised and so I have a school planner and a personal planner. For the last few weeks I have been meal planning on a budget and using online shopping to cut down on spending my days off food shopping and also cut down on spending as I get tempted in shops! Would meal planning and especially using the slow cooker to meal plan be blog post worthy?

Photographing// Nothing. Wah! Wah! My phone fell in the bath whilst doing bath time and has not quite recovered and my SLR is pretty much dead. So its gonna be a lean few weeks for my Project Life. I have been hi-jacking the Belgian's instagram - that makes me an addict right?!

Creating// Lots of cute Project Life spreads of our Belgian trip using the Heidi Swapp Dreamy PL kit. Loving the little stamper with many different designs and using some new sized page protectors.

Pinning// Autumn sensory ideas to do with the baby, the chipolte and sausage lasagna looks yummy and this gorgeous Project Life layout using black and white photographs and lots of bright pops of colour.

Writing// Thank-you letters for the Baby's first birthday where he was spoilt with lots of lovely presents. He was one in July. Better late than never - they say! 

What are you loving lately?


  1. Your phone fell in the bath? Ack!

    I just repinned your recipe pin, thank you, because at the minute I'm loving food I can prepare in advance. Thinking about getting into that whole mega prepare and freeze lots of meals in an afternoon movement.

  2. Your son is so cute. Your son and my son should be friends! ;) also, congrats on a new car! And you know my son turned one in July too, but we have yet to throw him a party....so we are going to throw one for him when he's 1 1/2! Better way later than never right? haha. and I'm sorry about your camera, that just sucks! And yes to meal budgeting/crock pot recipes! definitely blog post worthy. :)

  3. Hi, it's me again. I just wanted to tell you that you have no idea how much your comments mean to me. I know you've been reading my blog for a long time and you always leave such nice, thoughtful comments! I think you are my most loyal reader! Sometimes I feel like people don't read my blog or appreciate it, but your comment encourages me to keep blogging. So thank you!

  4. Congratulations on the new car and hope you have lots of happy times in it! Anything to do with meal-planning is welcome! I am thinking along Sian's lines too, for I am beginning to resent the length of time meal-preparation takes every day.


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