6 Sep 2014

Family Day out in Yorkshire: Meanwood Urban Valley Farm

Do you have go to places for great days out in your local area? 
Just before the summer I found this gem - Meanwood Valley Urban Farm and have been a handful of times this summer. Its great for a family day out or play date with another mummy.
Reasons why it is fun?

1) There is a slide. Slides are always fun for a little one.

2) There are real live animals for him to pet and feed (although on our most recent visit you couldn't feed them as they said they are getting too fat!) 

3) Lots of open spaces for the littles to run about in

4) Lots of fun and colourful toys like this rocking horse

5) A bit fat and furry rabbit running loose for the littles to stroke. Can you believe how brave The Baby is? Unlike The Belgian (see photo below) who was too scared to let the goats or sheep eat from his hand!

6) Also there is a cafe serving light lunches and ice-creams etc so depending on the time of day you go there is a always a quick pit stop. The one day the sun was shining and so we sat on the picnic benches outside, but another time it was overcast and so we sat inside and had a hot chocolate. 

What is your go to day out?


  1. Looks like a brilliant place. I can't believe the size of that rabbit, though! Your photos capture some great, natural-looking moments.

  2. is it free entrance? they free days out were always the best for us :) we used to go to a local forest, which was free lol with tree top walks and a park. There was a little cafe for cake and tea too x x great photos Mel, your little man looks like he;s enjoying himself x


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