1 May 2014

First week flying solo

So, because you were all so supportive and sweet when I shared my concerns about leaving The Baby and returning to work, I though I had better share an update of how we got on.

Well not only is my childminder great with the kids, she also appreciates capturing the everyday and has a special Facebook page where she shares what the kids are up to throughout the day. So perfect for a scrapbooker and anxious mother who is sat missing her little boy at work and then up pops a whole album to show what he has been up to. It is beyond amazing. 

So here is what he has been up to in just three days:- 

Lots of playing outside in the garden as the weather has been nice

Some sorting cups and looking at reflections

Some web surfing!

Some role playing

He even ate some banana (which was on the naughty list before)

Lots of giggling

Some falling in love (uh-oh!)

Making birds' nests

Chewing some toys

Munching on some toast

Napping (only the second and third day, clearly on Monday he was too enthralled by it all!) 

Playing with cars - apparently he was really trying to work out how the cars got past the bend. Future engineer?

Exhausted by all of the fun and asleep in the triple buggy

Making bird seed

Whole body painting!

Doesn't it look exhausting, but such fun! When I see these pictures my heart sings and I can see the benefit of it all for him. He loves his little buddies and follows the little one and a half year old boy around like his shadow. After day one he was barely crying and was eating and napping well. I am so proud of how easily he has adapted - especially since last week he wasn't very well and had been very clingy. 

Today (my first official 'day off') he has been clingier than usual and has napped a lot, but its been a hectic and slightly confusing week for him so I can fully understand that response. I now have five days off and plan to make the most of it.

I have enjoyed being back at work and it already feels like I've never been away (in mostly a good way); however I am totally exhausted in the evenings and have napped most afternoons or gone to bed really early. Dinner has been a really lazy convenient frozen pizza or tortellini and housework has been the bare minimum. I will have to find a happy medium, but for now I am proud that I didn't cry on Monday and the we're both enjoying our new ventures. 

What do you all have planned for the bank holiday weekend?


  1. You've found an amazing childminder by the looks of things. Great stuff :)

  2. Wow Mel, sounds like you found the perfevt childminder for you and Ellis! Love the pics!!!

  3. Hello there, wow what a lovely blog, and what a lovely childminder she sounds amazing! Glad it's helped you while you've been back at work, it's really hard but at least you know little one is having a good time! xx

  4. He looks so grown up! What a brilliant idea from the childminder too, I must say her house looks like a lot of fun!

    Lauren | Belle du Brighton x


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