23 May 2014

Friday Finds: Things I am Loving...

So here are some of the things I have been enjoying reading/watching/pinning lately...

1) This article on ten things that moms of boys must do. Some of them are already apparent (such as loving bath time, making messes and so, so, so much laundry) and some I still have to look forward to (such as 'the grab')! Check it out here. My sister shared it with me on Facebook - perhaps gloating that she has a girl.

 2) In line with my previous post I loved this blog post all about appreciating the little things and seeing the world through a baby's eyes.

3) I have been a bit obsessed with pineapples lately and so when I saw these bad boys on pinterest (thanks Kayleigh!) I was drooling. Plus they are healthy (or maybe healthier) and in the run up to summer that can only be a good thing.

4) We had a date night at the movies last night and this advert came up in the previews and we gave each other the knowing look that only parents of a baby could.

5) And lastly ladies aren't we glad that things have progressed slightly since this.

 Happy bank holiday fellow Brits &
                        enjoy your weekend the rest of you!


  1. HA I saw that advert last time we went to the cinema too! So glad you managed to have a date night and those little things are just the cutest things! Ophelia has started watching what I do, looking amazed and then copying it- makes me melt inside! xxx

  2. No1 made me smile....with only boys, this post is so true. Only last night my youngest was parading around with nothing on! Nice that you were able to get out x


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