18 May 2014

A Day in the Life...

I joined in with the inspiring Ali Edward's blog challenge of 'A day in the life...' and was pleased that it worked out to be my day off as they are far more exciting than a working day. I like to pack in as much fun as possible to make it all worthwhile. I also dusted off the 'big' camera and so some of these photos are better quality too!
So it went like this...

 Favourite breakfast of the moment - Lemon Marmalade on toast

 A quick clean of the kitchen whilst The Baby munches on his toast

Special delivery from freeprintapp.com I highly recommend getting this app as you can get 50 free prints a month and they are really good quality and you can even get instagrams and just trim the border (don't opt for the pricier square option)

Catching up with Jill Sprott's latest adventures over at Two Peas - I love all her layouts and her videos. I feel a connection with her as she is an English teacher too and I love all her journalling and the little details on her layouts.

A bit of Project Life whilst watching the video as I always multitask. The Baby is having his morning nap. I am recording his first passport photo - it was a cute one!

Put my face on as I have a certain amount of make-up I have to wear every day to feel presentable. Basically some cover-up to paint away the sleep deprivation and some bronzer to put some colour in my cheeks.

The Baby wanted to do some hoovering but we had to run to my opticians appointment.

But first the ever tricky task of finding a matching pair of socks. Where do baby socks go? Really!

In the lift heading to Boots

In one of those dodgy little lifts in Boots where you have to hold onto the button till you have reached your floor. Don't you hate those ones?

Waiting for much longer than anticipated. Had to take him out of the pram as he was getting impatient and so he had a crawl around. He made a new friend who was saying to everyone, "this is Ellis. He is really curious and loves to crawl. Have you met him?" It was very sweet - I love it when anyone makes a fuss over my baby!

A quick snooze in the car for baby. We are doing well with naps today - that means he will sleep well tonight. Result!

Met these lovely ladies at Salts Mill (well I didn't just happen to meet them - it was arranged)

We shared the yummiest goats cheese, beetroot and chutney pizza

The tastiest chocolate and banana milkshakes - mine was chocolate (I say was as it didn't last long)

I had some newborn baby cuddles - my Baby didn't get jealous as he was too busy nosying at everyone else!

New mum looking great on a few hours sleep

Afterwards some fun in the kids book section

First taste of a raspberry - turns out he's not a fan!

They managed to get the cupboard open and Nancy managed to get in it at one point

Discussing world literature around the table

Hi blue eyes!

The rest of the evening saw me watching Sister Act and crafting.

I am still loving Project Life and have lots of layouts to share. It really is therapy for my as I love pretty paper, stamping, photos and the stories behind them and I love just capturing and documenting our everyday life.

What do you like to do on your days off?


  1. What a fun day! I especially loved the passport photo of your son. Awesome! Are you planning to travel quite a bit with him?

    1. Well my husband is Belgian so I imagine we will visit the continent a few times a year. We had to get him the passport quickly as we were spending New Years in Bruges with his family.

  2. busy day for you & little Ellis then! Yes, I blimming hate those lifts too, they creep me out how the wall 'moves' even though I know it doesn't. I used to have a livejournal and there was a while group for 'adiml' or a day in my life... I used to post one every three months or so, I would link you to a retro one only I didn't log in for over two years and my whole account got permanently deleted, sadly!

  3. Gosh, this takes me back. Getting into town and into a big shop like Boots always seemed like a bit of a triumph! Boots used to annoy me because the baby department was on the first floor, which always seemed like bad planning with those lifts

    1. Yes I always found the maternity clothes and baby clothes are on the very top or very bottom floor - such bad planning!

  4. Mo muscle? hahahahaha that made me laugh!


  5. Brilliant candid happy snaps! Glad you had such a productive day - yes, I come across some of those keep the button pressed lifts with my disabled dad too. Arrgh! Off to google your school teacher friend at Two Peas :).

  6. Wow that is so nice you got a chance to go out and have lunch with your friend AND babies... how. do. you. do. that!? :) Great day to do Day In The Life, thanks for sharing!


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