28 Apr 2014

Life Captured: A Week in the Life of Project Life style...

So I know that I keep saying it, but this is my favourite spread to date. I think the fact that I could use more of the traditional scrapbooking techniques as this page protector makes for bigger pockets. In fact it is the page protector that I have the most left of as it is a bit of an awkward size and you can't fit as many photos into it as you can with the others. But it does allow more space for embellishments and so I think this is why I enjoyed playing with it.

The photos I used were taken when I took part in Ali Edward's 'week in the life of...' I really loved 
this challenge and they are some of my favourite posts to look back on as it was one of the first weeks of just The Baby and I after The Belgian went back to work. Its a great record of his life and our daily routine at this stage in our lives. It is all the more poignant since I went back to work today (thanks for all the messages of support - it was fine and The Baby had a super day playing outside, planting tomatoes and following his little buddy F around the place! My mind is at ease!) So this stage of our life is over and we are on a new phase now.

I made the collages using the 'pic collage' app on my phone. I have an android so am more limited in the photo editing apps that I can get, but this one is so easy to make collages with and I often use it for making collages of my day to share on instagram.

I used the Blush edition Project Life day of the week cards and the journalling is hidden behind each collage. The thickers are American Craft glitter ones that I got for a steal at TK Maxx - £1 for glitter thickers yes please! Wish I had stocked up on more.

This is the other side of the layout as I could not fit five days on one page. The stamps are mostly from Studio Calico Project Life kits - love all of their stamps. I added some dimension with a bit of bling and a brad (how old skool!) 

How adorable is this scale picture? The journalling is all about how I used to take him every Monday to get him weighed as part of our get-out-of-the-house routine. Now he is far too wriggly to lie on the scales and such a faff to undress and dress again that I wouldn't put myself through it in public. So nice to remember the calmer days with this little pocket.

The other two pockets record some of our days out together like going to the Baby Rave in Leeds and to mommy cinema at Everyman Cinema in Trinity. All happy maternity leave memories. I know these memories don't stop now as we still have four days of fun a week.


  1. What lovely memories you've captured!!! Glad your first day back went well xx

  2. Ellis will be the best documented baby....ever lol! looks good x


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