10 Apr 2014

Friday Finds: Cheap family days out in West Yorkshire

As I am sure most of you mothers out there know finances get pretty tight when you're on maternity leave. You begin by having long lunches and shopping days with all of your mummy friends, but all too soon your pay dwindles and you are looking for cheaper days out.

So here are five ideas for things to do in West Yorkshire with a bubby:-

1) A walk and picnic at Swinsty Reservoir

2) For a few pounds you can meet up with your mummy friends and let your little'uns run (or crawl) around like crazy people at a soft play area. Some weeks we go every other day as he is so lively and needs to let off steam. It is perfect for a rainy day. I love Buttercups in Otley as they have a big baby area and ball pool for the babies. I have also been to Tumble Town in Guisley quite a few times, but feel that this is better for walkers as the older kids area is really big and is designed to be a little town with those yellow and red cars. I have heard there are some great ones in Pudsey too so will have to check this out.

3) Another great day out in Leeds is the Leeds City Museum. The cafe is very baby friendly and quite inexpensive and tasty food. There are lots of interactive exhibits - the babies can get dressed up, crawl around (or have a face off) and play puzzles.

4) Valley Gardens in Harrogate is a great day out. Their park is amazing and would be so fun for older kids as it has a zip wire (which I may have tested out) and quite exciting and adventurous apparatus. There is a river to walk along and plenty of benches to rest on. We went on a sunny day in March (believe it or not) and the little man had his first try of ice-cream.

5) The Barn, Emsley's Farm in Yeadon. It is so much more than a farm as it has a cafe and indoor kids play area.It has been recently refurbished and has a baby area, lots of car and bikes for toddlers and walkers, a huge sand pit, trampoline, bouncy castle and 'school/home' area. Their food is tasty and very reasonably priced - if you get cake then you get a hot drink included. Win!

Where does your family go for a cheap and fun day out?

 (Please excuse the poor quality of most of these pictures - oh the convenience of the camera phone!)


  1. You have some great photos there (that swing one is just adorable) and brilliant recommendations for your area. Any way of putting them into a local mum's/National Childbirth Trust newsletter?

    1. Thanks this is a great idea Alexa. I may try to put them on net mums.

  2. Oh yes....we still meet up in the holidays at the cheapest hangouts. It's usually the cheapest places with loads of space that the kids love the most. love all the Ellis photos x

  3. These are all great sounding places!


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