2 Mar 2013

Precious Pictures...

Since storytelling Sunday is all about stories gather round, get comfy and listen...

My favourite classes to teach at school are often the smaller groups.
The nurture groups.
The ones who are not reaching for the stars academically.
And often don't have many (if any) positive role models in their lives.
Why do I like teaching these groups so much?
They have heart.
You get to know them a lot better as there are less of them.
You have to show them you care or you lose them.
So you use little quizzes (they love my Friday celebrity quizzes), sometimes treats and mostly anecdotes to win them round.
So last week we were studying a poem about a hurricane.
I asked what they would save from their houses in a natural disaster.
First answer,
"my computer games miss."
"Hmm nice try, but I honestly don't think most people would care about plasma screens and play stations - they can be replaced."
"My family then."
"My mum," chipped in the Burly Boy.
"I said it had to be a possession - an object." I reminded them.
"Money?" Cheeky One tentatively put forward.
"No," Trendy Boy interrupted knowingly. "Insurance will cover this."
"Photo's then, memories?" Suggests the only girl in the group.
"Bingo," I smiled.

So my 'precious' this month are the baby books I have made for The Belgian.
My mum did fill in a baby book for me and this is precious and I love to read the funny stories about my first birthday and first Christmas (where apparently all I was interested in was the selection box - no changes there then!) But there were lots of pics still to be scrapped and I had a mini album to fill.
I asked the in-laws for some pics of The Mini Belgian and I scrapped them in a little book - which is the only scrapbook I have ever made which he will proudly show to any visitors. When we entertain little kids too they love to look through it.
Also a scrapbook I made from my youth - more info and pictures of which can be found in this post.

These are all photo's that are irreplaceable.
In the days before digital.
These photos and albums are definitely very precious.


  1. I love this for all sorts of reasons - the thought of your class getting into the whole "precious" idea, and the photos and scrapbook you show, and the perfectly timed reminder that scanning in a few older pictures is something I've been meaning to do for years now. Perfect! Thanks Mel.

  2. Oh yes, gorgeous albums and well done for bringing that out of your nurture group.

  3. A year or so ago, my mother-in-law lost her home of 64 years to a fire. When my husband and I talked about what we needed to protect, the scrapbooks were high on the list. They are, however, still sitting in baskets and shelves and hardly protected at all. But the photos and the stories are among our most precious keepsakes.

  4. I love your commentary of the nurture group. It would have to be a girl whose first thought was photographs. We are a sentimental bunch but know just how precious photographs are. Those albums of yours are very precious.

  5. That mini book is adorable Mel. And I am so glad you enjoy teaching those more challenging children - I'm sure the rewards (and the stories) are amazing

  6. What you are doing for these kids is precious to them. Great idea to ask what they would save because so often they think in monetary terms. I did love the one boys answer when he said he would save his Mum. Didn't you just want to hug him?

  7. you made me smile when you said it's "the only scrapbook I have ever made which he will proudly show to any visitors". Men eh!

    Sounds like your small groups are rewarding Mel - teaching them to save their memories is very precious x

  8. Oh I love your story - I too used to work with some of the "more challenging, less academic" children - some of the most rewarding hours I ever spent in aany job I ever had. I love your albums - and they are indeed precious.Thanks for sharing, J x

  9. I like the smaller groups - and the idea that the group got the idea of precious is lovely. Yeah for the mini album of the Mini Belgian :)

  10. I love your recount of The Nurture Groups conversation x
    Photos & scrapbooks are top of my list of precious too

  11. Oh yes the albums that hold are pasts and the memories therefrom - we will all agree on how precious those are. What a great concept to introduce to your little ones in need of nurture.

  12. That album is lovely, and I so admire you for your work with those children. It must be so rewarding.

  13. This is too cute! Love the picture or Arne on the front! What a cutie...I reaaaaally hope you have a baby boy now because if he looks like Arne he will be adorable! Also that picture of him on the right in a green shirt looks just like some of By's childhood pics - they could be brothers in that pic! craziness! and now they are! xxxx p.s I'm still sick and feeling sorry for myself :( boooo.

  14. Yes, the photos and the external hard drive with all the digital photos are what I would grab too!

  15. Love your little mini album and I too worked with children who were deemed special needs but I thought that they were just very special.

  16. I would definitely want to grab my photos only I have so many from the pre digital era I don't think I could carry them all! Thanks for sharing your story :-)

  17. Your mini album is lovely.

  18. A very thoughtful post and you are reminding me that it is all the little details of life which will get forgotten for my grandchildren unless I get those stories down quick. Your warm bond with your precious charges really shines through.

  19. That is a lovely mini album and the only possessions I would save are my shoeboxes of memories and my photos. The albums are all in a bookcase at the front door :-)


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