28 Mar 2013

Hello bump...layout!

So I wanted to take pics of my growing bump during my pregnancy, but we haven't proved that good at it. The lack of sunshine has hindered post-work photo shoots and so I have just about got a pic a month. This was a hastily snapped pic at 12 weeks - taken on my phone.

You may have noticed that I am totally in love with my Amy Tan 'hello' stamp and it is featuring on a lot of my recent layouts. It just makes titles fun! In fact I think all of my 'baby' pages so far use it -perhaps it can be a 'thing'. Y'know like Shimelle uses kraft for all of her travel pages - I use 'hello' for all my baby pages.

It's funny that I thought that was bump. Now I am 25 weeks and am having to get an even bigger pair of maternity jeans I know what a real bump is. Photos and layouts to follow eventually... My year 11's enquired the other day whether I would balance my cereal bowl on my bump like Phoebe from Friends! They just ask the most random questions. In fact they were getting so distracted in lessons suggesting baby names so I flippantly suggested that write them on a postcard and send them to me - so at the end of the lesson my desk was bombarded with little yellow post-its with an array of baby names from the cute - Ava - to the ridiculous - Mario! No offence if your kid is called Mario. It just makes me think of Nintendo!

I think the 'IT'S HERE' arrow post-it works perfectly with it.

I tried two new techniques:
  • the cluster of bling. This was created using lots of glossy accents and sequins to emphasise the mannequin. 
  • The border created by circle punches cut in half. I think its an easy, but effective technique.

The supplies I used are mainly American Crafts - I love the floral and peach together accented with the turquoise. In fact I think its a very 'spring' coloured layout - all I need now is the sunshine and blue skies to go with it!

In other news its Easter holidays - yay! We are off to Cornwall on Sunday night for a pre-baby mini break. I haven't been to Cornwall since a family holiday when I was about ten so any recommendations for places to eat, good tea rooms (love cake!) or places to eat would be very welcome. I think 'Once Upon a Time' will have outgrown me by now!


  1. A super page Mel to show off your tiny bump. I was hideously huge with my first and didn't scrap so there is only one photo of me pregnant. Shame really! Using Hello on each page sounds like a plan! I'm with you on the Nintendo :) xx Have a lovely time in Cornwall x

  2. aww lovely page i am so behind with my baby pages, i did one secret page but you know wool keeps on winning over paper lately, but i really must. Look forward to seeing your bumpy grow.

  3. I love the hello stamp and the it's here arrow is awesome! I also like the border with the semi circles, very clever indeed! and I demand you take more bump pictures okay?!

  4. I love that arrow pointing us in the right direction! And the Hello stamp is going to be very useful ...Hope Cornwall is lovely and not too cold.


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