18 Mar 2013

Messy Mondays: Painting with American Crafts and Amy Tan

So as July 10th approaches and the little baby in my belly is wriggling away and making itself known I am becoming increasingly aware of the decline in our 'us' time. We often go on spontaneous dates - trips to the cinema, meals out, snacks like ice-cream or smoothie dates and I am sure that this will change as us becomes a three!
So I made the most of our recent 'donut date' and got a picture of the usually reluctant 'model.

I wanted this layout to be pretty with florals and hearts. I went for Dear Lizzie paper, mixed up turquoise paint to create a border and then created little clusters with washi tape, bling and strips of patterned paper.

Please tell me that this won't be the end of it all...that we will fade into the backround. Haha!


  1. Lets hope not eh! Although the more you have the harder those date nights get...for us anyhow. Lovely floral layout, it works so well with your title/theme x

  2. From someone at the other end of it all - it'll go very very quickly and then you'll be thinking about it just being the two of you again. Honestly! Enjoy it all

  3. I have a feeling it might be the end of it all...unlucky - ha ha ha ha! i'm just bitter, don't mind me. Love that cute polka dot paper and the inking just makes it, plus that nice random stripe of turquoise paint is pretty cool too!


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