24 Feb 2013

Half term highlights...

To combat the back to school blues I will share some of what my half term looked like...

Baked some blueberry scones
Went to a certain Swedish furniture store and indulged in my fav treat

Along with some tasty donuts from a certain America donut place

I think The Belgian looks hot here - but then I am bias!

Did some crafting on a onesie - I shared this earlier in the week

Impressed myself with my chevron creating skills

Ate at So Bar in Knaresborough getting two-for-one using our new free trial Tastecard - fellow Brits sign up now!

Creating his 'n' hers lamps on our bedside tables - Homebase were selling these Habitat lamps at better than half price.

Did some more crafting for the babies nursery - I will share a DIY for this later in the week.
Picked these up at Ikea as well for the nursery - we are thinking of a 'feature' wall of pictures rather than painting
In other news:
  • Saw Beautiful Creatures on Orange Wednesday - not usually our cup of tea but we enjoyed it
  • Had our 20 week scan and all is well - we are Team Yellow and waiting to find out
  • I am totally loving Pink's new song with the guy from FUN
  • Watched Nashville for the first time today and think I could really get into it - always been a closet country music fan
  • Found Paige's blog through Shimelle and have been having a real nosy around - am totally inspired by her use of hearts, confetti and layering
What have you guys been up to recently?


  1. A wall of pictures sounds so nice for a nursery - there'll be lots for the little one to look at, and you can change them around to stimulate interest. Your plate at the So Bar looks lovely! Hope you have a good week.

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  3. I think I'm really a closet fan too - I enjoyed Nashville very much the other night! I love the sound of the wall of pictures too - I can remember the midwife telling me that babies love to look at black and white pictures too, so you could think about adding some of those in

  4. Woo check you out! Loving all the craftiness! The canvas is cute! and the his n hers lamps are a fun idea! I hope your meatballs didn't have any horse in them! Looks like a half term filled with foodie fun...just the kind I like! Those blueberry scones looked super tasty too!


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