9 Aug 2012

Step-by-step tutorial for making a canvas...

Have you seen those cute canvas' on pinterest with quotations to put up in your hallway?
I was forever pinning them and eyeballing them in shops - but they always seemed too pricey for what they were.
My solution?
Make some myself and here they are...

If you want to see my step-by-step tutorial - check it out here. I am doing another guest post over at Sumo's sweet stuff blog....yep now I have time in the summer I am sharing the love - or 'pimping myself out' as i have heard it referred too. Ohh err!


  1. These are awesome! you don't have any more canvas' lying around do you? They'd make an awesome personalised gift for a family member moving off to Canada - hint hint! I like the distressed look of the paint and the star and swirl stamps are cool too x

  2. fantastic Mel...I like how you've included a photo on each canvas too x

    Your parcel of sunshine arrived today and lovely is was too...thank you xx

  3. Lovely to make your own art - these will grace any room you put them in. Such lovely messages too!


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