15 Aug 2012

Ode to my students...

Tomorrow is a-level results. Eek!
I am very excited to see how well my Year 13's have done as they were my most motivated, enthusiastic and hard working class I've ever had in my six years of teaching.
Some of them I have taught for four years and they were really on board with the way I teach.
We were studying Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and we did a court case in character and costumes and it was hilarious!
They made learning journals (which my colleagues said was my way of getting scrapbooking nito the curriculum!) with magazine montages, time lines, comic strips and anything creative to help them revise the characters and themes.
The module was called 'elements of the gothic' and so at Christmas we decided to have a gothic secret santa - we picked a name out of the hat and then had to spend a pound on a gothic themed gift for that person. Everyone did really well and some of them made cupcakes and homemade fudge.
So here is a layout using MME papers:

Don't you love that title with the post-it notes and paper clip - I thought that using office supplies would tie in with the theme of school.
They are the sweetest class and I am wishing them good luck for tomorrow - but they all worked hard and deserve to do so well. I will miss them all when they go to university in September!


  1. Can your sixth formers wear jeans?! craziness! I love the title, it is very cool and the patches of polka dot paper! What a fun teacher they have! I'm sure they'll have done great, are you going to be that geek teacher who goes to school to celebrate their results with them? haha!

  2. Wow, I would have loved a teacher like you..why were oy classes not like that? Beautifully documented

  3. Such a great layout! Love those big photos!

  4. i'm sure they will all do fine they had a good teacher. Great layout x

  5. Hey there!
    Thankyou for following my blog! :)

    I was wondering if you could do me a very small favour, it will literally only take a minute :)


    Sarah xox

  6. You are clearly a wonderful and much loved teacher - and scrapbooking on the curriculum sounds a great idea. I can think of LOADS of cross-curricular objectives it could fulfil: measuring and proportion (maths), design (IT and technology), colour and shape and paint etc (art), journalling (English), family history/genealogy (history), trips and holidays (geography) ... I'm sure there are lots of others you could add!


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