28 Aug 2012

I just called to say...

Just popping in to let my readers know a few things...

1) Not wanting to leave you on a limb we will get to those much anticipated a-level results. The. Best. Ever.
2 - a*s
5 - a grades
6- b grades
2 - c grades
2 - d grades

I was so pleased for all of them as most had at least achieved their target grade - whilst some had exceeded it and we've never achieved a* in English Literature a-level before.

2) Just got back a blissful and swelteringly hot week in Barcelona. I will drip feed you my pics via layouts and posts so as not to overwhelm you. Plus I am at my parents and don't have my laptop etc so I will leave you with one of my favourite things about our trip - The Magic Fountains. A free light and fountain show set to music. It was gorgeous!

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  1. Many congratulations to all concerned! Glad you had such a lovely holiday too - a great reward for your efforts.


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