31 Aug 2012

Canadian Dessert Bar

So visas and Canadian embassy willing my little sister and her husband, Byron, are off to Canada for a year to study. She is a little bit obsessed with dessert bars and so I decided to make a Canadian themed one for a leaving pressie for them.
Here I am with the finished table:

Don't you love these straws? They were perfect for the red and white theme and I am sure they have plenty of a&w in Canada - even though it is American!
The rocky road bars made by my other sister - Mara.
The above are maple syrup cookies - recipe found here.
Above are my cake pops, which I am featuring for United Cakes of America the series over on Cupcake Crazy Gem's blog.  What could be more American? Even the name is difficult to say without an accent! I used the method from Elsie's blog - I love her 'how to' as it features step-by-step photos and I am a visual learner. The only difference was that I used shop brought brownies and mushed them up with a cup of marshmallow fluff and then froze them. I used milk chocolate to dip them and them a variety of different coloured and shaped sprinkles.
Gem's showed me a good technique of using a large glass to dip them and to sprinkle the sprinkles instead of dunking as I sometimes do.
So if any of you have been baking up anything featuring American ingredients or that would be classed as an American bake then you can link up to Gem's blog.
In the meantime I have just brought the ingredients for Lorraine Pascale's cookies and cream brownies and so will feature them soon...I feel like I haven't blogged any baking for a while. Truth is I've had a summer off from baking and have been much more into scrapbooking. Apparantly we've been trying to be more healthy...

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