4 Jul 2011

Strawberry picking, retro tint and a sneak peek...

So firstly proof that I DO scrapbook. My scraproom is very neglected with all this lush weather and gym going, but I have been working on this layout for Scrap it with a Song. I can't reveal the whole thing now though. See if you can guess the song?

 Our family used to love going strawberry picking every summer and so I thought I'd educate the Belgian in this British tradition. I have played around with the colours and filters on photoshop to try to make the pics look retro.
 We picked raspberries too and they were juicy, juicy and we enjoyed them with fluffy pancakes and natural yogurt.
 The strawbs were so big and juicy. They had a sign telling you not to try before you buy and I heard this mum telling her kids exactly what to say when the owners asked if they had tried some!! How funny! Surely part of the fun is sneaking a few before they make the punnet??
What have YOU all been up to in this sunny weather??

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  1. great photos....all the fun of strawberry picking is seeing how many you can eat!!


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