12 Jul 2011

IRON Cupcake Summer Berries...

My somewhat 'wilted' cupcakes with their straw hearts

With my scrapbooked sign - they used to do a prize for signage - wish they still did!

Wimbledon inspired Eaton Mess cupcakes - I was thinking of this kind of idea

Don't these look summery?

These rasberry cuties came second I think

These came third but were alcoholic so I didn't try them.

Well Iron Cupcake it had been too long. I enjoy meeting up with all my baking pals. I was even true to my diet and didn't indulge much. My recipe is from this blog.  I can highly recommend it, it is very dense though and without the strawberry extract the curd was creamy rather than strawberryish. I was a little bit in love with the lemon cream cheese frosting and did lick the bowl!
How do you stop cream cheese frosting being so gloopy and unable to pipe??


  1. Oh no! the classic cream cheese frosting disaster! it is one of the most delicate frostings in the spectrum to work with! perhaps you overwhipped, if you whip it too long it goes runny...or maybe you added too much lemon, you need to get the proportions just right, it needs to be just the right amount of sugar for it to remain stiff. You should use the Hummingbird's cream cheese frosting recipe next time, it always does the trick! I liked your sign, and loved the tennis court ones too!

  2. I like your pink lemonade sign and the way you cut the strawberries into hearts! The raspberry ones looked good and the mini tennis court is so cute! Can't wait for California, the weather is grim here! x


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