22 Jul 2011

Letters from the Inside

 In my teen years one of the books which really resonated with me was this one - Letters from the Inside. It was a series of letters between two pen friends, seemlingly two normal teenage girls, however one of them had a big secret. I loved it so much cos I was all about the pen friends and had them in Jordan, Hong Kong, America, Germany, France and the list goes on. My fav one was Jason from Hong Kong who used to write me on cool Garfield and Snoopy stationary. I think it was all about the excitement of happy mail and cute stationary. I do love good stationary - hence why I became a scrapper I guess.
My pen friends weren't only international two of them were in the very same town and school as me -Kim and Susannah. We used to write notes about boys, with illustrations and crazy schemes of how we were going to get them to notice us. On a recent visit home I discovered a box in the attic full of them and had a really amusing afternoon reading. So I decided to scrap about it...

I had to scan through all my old post to find stamps to work as a border. Of course most of these letters were hand delivered by bike or by hand in school, however I wanted the layout to reflect pen friends. I also stuck the envelope on to host all the little notes and show some of the pictures and handwriting.

Below is a close-up of the journalling, which is all about the contents of these letters.

I used bright and bold colours to reflect the silly glasses we are wearing in the pic. This layout is just about my letters with Suz and I may well complete one all about Kim too - soon! Perhaps post-California as this is creeping up on us. In fact - less than a week to go - ahhhh!

Post inspired by Julie Kirk's Going Postal project. Get on over to her blog and take part.


  1. I used to love using / receiving cute stationary when I had a pen pal in my teens too! [Who am I kidding? "Used to"? I *still* love stationary!].

    Great idea for a page - I've never thought of going back to scrap any of mine.

    Thanks so much for playing along with Going Postal, you're all safely pinned to the Pinterest board here: http://re.pn/b/jFsu



  2. the days before mobile phones and internet!! It's great you've still got all your letters, I threw all mine out when i left home, great layouts xx

  3. Great idea for a page, I still have some letters from my teenage years hidden in a box somewhere too. I'll have to dig them out! I like the postage stamp border too. x

  4. Well I would have looked like the piggy if I went sweet while they were both going savoury!!! it was so good tho, would you have eaten it you non veggie? I love the stamps you used on this page and the envelope stuck down was a fun way to keep all the letters! what are you still doing up? are you crazy excited? can't believe you go in less than a week!!!!


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