20 Jan 2011

Some "soup"er pages...and a travelling teddy...

The weekend is in sight and not a moment too soon! I made these pages over the last few weeks and have only just got round to finishing and photographing them. Firstly the travelling teddy arrived from New Zealand and here is my friend's baby having a cuddle with it. Anyone want him next? He has already been to france, Luxembourg, Australia, New Zealand and now England. A layout with some paint rings using a tin lid as a stamp of our halloween pumpkin soup.
The new kit I got over Christmas made these pics of our trip to London's West End to see Stomp a bit jazzier. I painted the chipboard letters to make them really stand out.
Last, but not least, a layout of my fav starbucks hot chocolate using a variety of scraps and leftovers and a paint frame. I used the sketch at the scrappiest as inspiration.
V.excited for this weekend as my sister Mara is coming to stay and we are going to hit up a new cupcakerie and milkshake bar in Manchester. Yay!
What are your plans?? Yes that means you...lurkers! Lol!


  1. I'm so excited too! I love your stomp page, the playing card paper is so cool and goes well with the stripes, i like the black and red colour scheme as well. I also like your winter warmer lettering and the way you used a tin can as a stamp! See you tomorrow! xx

  2. Oh I only wish I was joining the fun this weekend! I currently have zero plans...boo! And even if I do come up with some they certainly won't involve a cupcakery or milkshake fun since By broke the blender last night!
    Love the pages, the tin can stamp is awesome, and the pics are cool too, I had never seen them before! Love the colour scheme on the stomp page too. I was featured on cupcakes takes the cake blog on tue....finally!!!!and my cookie dough cupcake post has now had over 500 hits!!!! And I've reached 100 followers! Take TONS of pics for your homesick little sis xxxxxxx

  3. first of all, what a cutie!!! i love your take on the scrappiest sketch... the paint is a nice touch! so simple and cute!

  4. I love your photos and your takes on the sketch!
    Great job, thanks for joining us at The Scrappiest!


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