15 Jan 2011

Baby your a firework...

Hey Scrapaholics! Got some snaps of your new years celebrations you want to scrap?? Get on over to scrap that poetry and take part in the new challenge. The poem also has great potench for snowy pics too. I scrapped our little family do with the sparklers and fireworks. There are many reasons why I LOVE these pics: * They were taken with my (nearly) new SLR camera and I had fun playing with settings and making things blur. * The top picture actually has my dad in - he is NEVER in family pics as he is usually taking them. * They remind me of a fab night with my precious family (with the exception of Gem and By who we missed greatly and skyped! Or did we...??) Don't you just love bunting?? Oh and of course hearts in all colours and varieties!?


  1. I love this page, great pics and the little tag you made for the date is so cute, i adore the heart bunting - so cute! And the title works really well on the pictures. x
    You should definitely get that film- I'm slightly obsessed about it, watched it 2 1/2 times in 2 days! Its so good though, Arne will like it too espeically because its in French, all the actors are really good xx

  2. Hiya Mel,
    What a great LO. I'm also a bunting fan - cant get enough of it.
    Have a great week Hun - Ju xx


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