8 Jan 2011

Duck sauce...

In a back to school blur I haven't had any scrapping time this week, but I have still got some layouts saved up from my big scrap session last week. They are of random content since I have been awaiting the arrival of my new years and christmas pics (which arrived by the postie an hour ago - yay!!) So here is one I have been meaning to scrap for a long time our duck tour in Liverpool. Over Christmas I got two American scrapping mags and have been rediscovering some techniques I haven't used for a while like tags, using the tickets and leaflets i always pick up on trips out. Very happy with the way this turned out. I ordered this photo montage of our holiday in Malta and was going to display it on a wall, but instead decided to turn it into a layout; with inspiration from this challenge blog to try something new. I had been saving this velvet paper for a special occasion and felt this was good enough! Last, but by no means least, is a photo I have been wanting to scrap for some time. I think the composition is really interesting and it is a photo which tells a story. The summer before my husband met me he went to visit his best friend Lewis in America (where he was at BYU uni). They went on a big road trip all round Utah, Nevada and California. Part of thr trip they were accompanied by Lewis' girlfriend Justine and so this photo made me think of him being the odd one out. I feel it is in the spirit of the song Rain on my Parade (a totally fab song!!) as I am sure the boys would have preferred a boys only road trip, as the couple may have sometimes preferred to be left to it!! It also made me think of a John Mayer song where he sings about meeting the girl of his dreams and tells her to hurry up. So it is a combo of those two songs! Hopefully be back later with more layouts for you to feast your eyes on!


  1. great page! thanks for joining us this week at scrap it with a song!

  2. Hiya Mel,
    Great LO's, I love the malta one with the mix of photos - DH and I went to Malta a few years ago and it rained the whole darn time [still had a blast tho] and the photo of your hubbie and the couple has made me chuckle.
    Enjoy your weekend - Ju xx

  3. haha did you know we wanted to name the pup Oreo but By vetoed it! I would definitely think about Oreo for a kid for sure! We are way behind for a skype date...sort it out!!
    Love the feb half term tag done with MY stamps! how do you even have them? or do you have a set too? and how did you get some to have black middles and some white? the collage you ordered was awesome and I love the malta inked letters.
    That pic of Arne is hilar...I just saw their big news so I guess it wasn't all in vain! love the John Mayer song you wrote around the edge and I like the variety of strips! xxx


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