29 Jan 2011

Love you more...

Another layout I completed a few weeks back and forgot to show it to you. As my husband is Belgian I wanted to use one of his traditions for Christmas this year. So they usually open presents and have their Christmas meal of fish on Christmas eve. So we had fish and chips at Loch Fyne on Christmas eve to give him a taste of homel. It was delish. Well the chips were for me as I don't eat fish! I used my new Christmas papers and lots of different lettering like stickers and stamps to give it an eclectic feel. So last Saturday my sister, Mara, and I went to see JLS at Manchester arena. Here we are amonst all the glow sticks and little screaming girls (and boys!)... We HAD to visit this cute cupcakerie we found online. I had white chocolate and raspberry and it even had raspberries in the batter - yum! Happy with the find... Self timer...the milkshakes were guuuud, but not the thick five dollar shake style that was promised on the menu. Love the wooden cabinets...when I open MY cupcakerie I will be sure to have these too. The cupcakes all had very original and funky names like Willy Wonka and Doris Day. All in all a great and tiring weekend full of delicious treats and lots of laughs!


  1. Hiya Hun, Great Lo and a fab tradition, hmmm fish and chips.
    That cupcake you gobbled looks delicious as so all the others in the display.
    I'm off to the kitchen to find something to eat as youve left me feling hungry LOL
    Enjoy youre weekend - Ju x

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog~ I to am a cup cake lover! Those look so yum!!!! Love your pages laso ~ fun thing to scrapbook ~ cupcakes!!now a follower would love for to be a follower of my blog:) cm

  3. So when are we opening our cupcakery??? let's do it! Our internet is still down...i am holding the laptop in the corner of our porch up high above my head typing this to borrow someone else's wireless...ridiculous! please get me off this island! so sorry i missed the skype chat...who knows when our internet will get back, and who knows when i will get paid - i am not happy right now! but your layout was cool, i liked all the lettering! xxx


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