21 Nov 2010

One year old and wiser too...

It's birthday fever in our household in Autumn and today is his turn... Looking like his'n'hers in our new purple tops. I went crazy at Debenhams 25% off sale and even got a mini cupcake pan I have been after for ages. Here is the cheesy birthday candle pic...
This carrot cake was made with a little help from Betty Crocker. I added pineapple and coconut to make it a tropical version. Despite following the cream cheese icing recipe to the letter and letting the cake cool down the icing still melted a bit - but it did taste yummy.
I got him a very good quality meat cleaver from Debs, may seem like a strange pressie but he has been after one for a while as he fancies himself as the next Jamie Oliver. I also got him a hoody and this cool board game called Nab It which is like scrabble with a twist.
More posts to follow with some scrapping - I have been running on empy after ofsted last week and was too lazy to post them!

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