13 Nov 2010

An Inspector Calls...

So there was rather stressful announcement Monday lunchtime...Ofsted were coming Wednesday and Thursday to inspect our school. Cue panic and hysteria. Ridiculous late nights, lack of sleep due to stress, a mini heart attack everytime someone walked past my door, the most resource heavy and detailed lessons and lesson plans. They came to my Year 8 lesson and I came out with a good, although I usually get outstandings I was happy enough. Our school came out with a 'good' overall, which we were delighted about! Yay! All the hard work paid off. So this explains my absense from blogland. I am turning this post into a tribute to school. Here is my food (or home ec for all you statesiders) A few weeks ago I finally got hold of Libby's pumpkin pie filling and played with pumpkin cupcakes and decided they were my best ever and most moist cakes. Here is the recipe - good old Martha Stewart! The edible glitter didn't look very good on the cream cheese frosting, but would look better on chocolate frosting. I made some with swirly icing all nicely piped on, but forgot to photograph them. Also in half term I came across this pic of my friends and I at St.Georges. We liked to do random photo shoots at lunch time and this pic was taken in the changing rooms. Here is a close-up of the pic:
IRL the gold stamped title stands out and looks great. The backing 'paper' is actually fabric I picked up for a bargain at the Harrogate Scrapping Fair thingie.
Last, but not least, a tribute to our least fav lesson - science!!! However, we both really enjoyed out last visit to the Glasgow Science Museum and I have been keen to scrap these pics since then. I used this sketch from Twisted Sketches as I love circles and it fitted well with our hats and the fun feel of the page. I used bright colours and cute little mosters cut out of cardstock.
I think the paint border brings it all together and gives it a tactile feel.
So the bells gone it's break time...I am thinking one of the choc chip and peanut butter cookies I just whipped up in my sisters kitchen aid and an episode of Gossip Girl Season 3 I just got...
What are you doing with your play time this weekend?


  1. Glad the Kitchenaid is getting good use...oh how I miss it! So glad Ofsted went well and now you can relax, yay for gossip girl and yummy treats! I'm browsing english websites trying to pick out some clothes you could get me for Christmas :) and we did have plans to go kayaking later but the waves are crazy high still because of hurricane aftermath so I guess that plans out the window! I would have liked to have seen the piped cupcakes! I might make these for our thanksgiving dinner since they're so highly recommended!

  2. p.s forgot to even comment on the scrapping! your scrapping is just jumping to new heights of amazingness! defo magazine worth material, I love the science geeks page! the header is awesome and I like the painted border too...I like the title for the school page too with the gold stamps x

  3. Hi:) two great lo's with funny pics!!! love the background paper/fabric on the first one!!! thanks for your congrats on my last post:)

  4. cute LO!! :)) and funny pic!! and I agree..the paint border pops the page!! I love doing that too..painting the borders..hehe.. :))
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Awe school, wish I could go back sometimes...ok...maybe not :)but I love the mini tribute.
    You LOs are adorable, great pics and you totally rocked the twist this week!!!
    congrates to you and your school for making "good" and hay it doesn't matter what cupcakes look like just how they taste...yummy

  6. Great pages. Those cup cakes look yum!

  7. I love that checked paper! What great colours on this layout.

    Thanks for playing along with Twisted Sketches!


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