25 Jun 2010

Welcome to the 60's - woo hoo!

So typical blogger - all the pics are in the wrong order. I have been meaning to blog this all for a while so here goes.... I saw this amazing show on Wednesday night at the Grand Theatre with my old housemates. It was sooooo fab! We loved the movie and loved this even more and were singing along and dancing in the aisles. Easily the best thing I have seen for ages! Secondly a quick layout I made with my sexy new stash (see below!) one that didn't take too much thought I just threw it together. An ode to road tripping in my car Harry that we just part exchanged * sob *
My amazing and very bargaintastic new stash from the QVC shop in Shrewsbury. All this lot only cost me £16!!! So much cool paper and stickers and stamps with the date on....drool...the best thing about going home - jokes!
The mandatory pic of the girls and daddy on Father's Day.
A nice pose shame my sisters have their eyes closed!!
Do you like my new maxi dress? A bargain from TK Maxx I wasn't sure I could get away with it being such a shortie, but now I love it! I even wore it to work today as the classroom has been sweltering!
Now am off out for dinner with the hubster as we just got paid this week! Ha! I am loving life at the mo and looking forward to the fast approaching summer hols...hope you all have exciting plans for this weekend!


  1. Ooh lucky for some! hope you had a nice meal out! I'm loving your new blonde locks, it looks gorge! and I'm absolutely loving your page! the rustic feel of the stripey background, the inking, the awesome bunting - I love everything about it! the red hot chilli's title! good work, glad you're enjoying your new stash. P.s 39 baby 39!!! check it out xxx

  2. ahh i meant to go and see hairspray, bet it was great, lovely photos, and cute dress xx

  3. Ooh I love Hairspray! Went to see it in the West End with my sister...sooo good, although we were singing the songs continuously all the way home which eventually got annoying! Very much like your maxi dress and pretty photos with your sisters, they'll be great for scrapping! Have a good weekend Hxx, ps glad you like the hair!! xx


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