13 Jun 2010

Stuck in the marsh (mallow!)

So these are my little creations for Iron Cupcake. Sadly I didn't attend in the end, following in the footsteps of my sis Gem. (Although she roused herself from her sick bed I didn't!!) Basically I left it to the last minute due to watching the England game with friends last night etc and so it was all a rush and I didn't think they were that good. Altho once they were refridgerated they did taste yum. The recipe is here they are pink velvet cupcakes with white chocalate ganache - with my added secret ingredient of melted marshmallow in the middle of the cupcake.
I was put off by the rain and lack of company and was defo not in a sociable mood so... I will just give them to my collegues tomorrow or to the ladies I visiting teach. The fluffy pink cakes did not match my mood today! I felt grim :(
Hope you all had a great day! x


  1. ah you should have gone! these look really pretty and sound delicious. the ganache looks especially good. sure everyone at school will love you for these!

  2. Hi Mel, Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. Love all you photos so cute! And what fab pages, love the handcut lettering! xx also what fabby cupcakes! xx

  3. They look scrummy!! I really shouldn't have looked. I'll have to go bake me some now! Thanks for the recipe!!
    Kel x

  4. MMMMMMMM! Those look great. We're having rainy weather again but making some pink cakes might be just the thing. Thanks for the idea!!!

  5. Thank you for your lovely message on my blog. Those cupcakes look yum! Will give that a go next time adding the marshmallows xx


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