26 Jun 2010

Thumbs up for a photo evening extravaganza...

So I mentioned in my last post that we were going out for dinner. We went to Westbourne Spice in Otley and are still undecided about it. We have had two great meals there and one average and last night fell into the latter category. Arne ordered a * really * spicy dish by accident but was too manly to ask for yogurt to cool it down and so ordered a lassy instead. To walk dinner off we headed up the Chevin and wandered around and then discovered the timer of our camera. We wish we had found it on honeymoon and got more couple shots! So we had fun with that and here are the results (soon to be scrapped thanks to snapfish!) The sunset was difficult to capture, as it was way more beautiful than this! I like how the sun looks like it is rising out of heads here:-
I think I look like my sister Gems in this one:-
Now for the timer action - admittedly not the most flattering pose for me, but there you go...the junk in the trunk!
This is a bit washed out, but we had fun experimenting with it!
I have spent most of the day making a mini album with Arne's baby pics. It is so much easier making mini layouts and I have completed ten already. I will share them with you tomorrow. It is a project i have been meaning to complete since his gran gave me a whole load of his pics for the wedding.
I hope you all had a fab saturday! x


  1. awww these are gorgeous photos and sound like an amazing way to spend a summer evening :) xxxx

  2. Glad Arne was having a photo day! you do look like me in that one...it must be the goofy pose you're doing - great so I always look weird like that do I!! It looks like you had a nice evening, we had a bbq with Mara. Looks like Arne had a little too much sun today! and I can hardly believe you managed to drag him away from the football long enough for a meal and a walk! xxx

  3. Hmm...well I hope you don't mind, I right-clicked a couple of your photos and I will play with them in Photoshop Elements. I can't guarantee I'll work any magic, still learning, but these give me a nice chance to play. Hopefully I'll have some "improved" photos for you soon! (p.s. you can even do something about your "junk," LOL, but I'm not gonna touch that!! I think you look fine) ;)

  4. Okay, here ya go. Played with two of the photos in PSE7. Enjoy!
    (you & Arne)

  5. Hi, I've just found your blog and it's fab, love your lo's and cupcakes, I've bcome a follower so I can see what else you've been up to :)
    Take Care - Ju xx


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