6 Jun 2010

Row, row, row your boat gently down the glee...

So my half term has mainly looked like this... Crazy golfing on our secret date on Saturday with one of our fav couple to hang out with - the Flinns. Here Arne is trying to encorporate snooker into his mini-golfing! Hannah and Jon rowing on the river Nidd in Knaresborough:
The girls just chilling as the boys rowed. It was perfect weather for this date!
My school friend Suz came to visit on Thurs / Fri (this post goes backwards in order!!!) and we went to a pub quiz in Otley on the Thursday night. It is one of our traditions as we used to go to them during sixth form. We didn't win for our knowledge, but did win for our raffle ticket! I don't drink so she took it home for her dad!
We went to the super tropical Tropical World on the Thursday and a big walk round Roundhay park and the chilled in a cafe with cake and a cold drink. Lush!
So all in all a fab week and I don't want to go back to school tomorrow! :(
It has just started raining loads here and so it is like an omen for back to school! Pathetic fallacy working at its best!
I will post my STM layout tomorrow which features a cute photo frame which involves gold stamps and magenta tissue paper..I am loving it!
P.S The Glee reference is the other thing I have been catching up with this half term. Don't you just love it? My highlights so far have been the Madonna, Vanilla Ice and the Gaga!

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  1. I *heart* Kurt and Mr. Shu... and I have a "GLEEK" LO coming soon... ;)


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