8 Feb 2016

The Ordinary Moments // Baby's bath time!

Due to a a mixture of the business of Christmas, the logistics of bathing a baby and a toddler at the same time, being a bit overwhelmed with two tiny tots in the house and feeling too exhausted we only bathed The Baby for the first time at five weeks.

I remember when The Toddler was a baby we googled 'how to bath a baby' as we were anxious about doing it right and not hurting the poor little thing. He had a few tears, but she took to it like a duck to water (scuse the pun!) No tears - even when The Toddler accidentally dropped her under the water!

I love this top picture as it showcases how calm and watchful she is with her gorgeous big eyes.

We find its often easier for one of us to hop into the bath with them and I adore this bottom photograph of baby and daddy. Its so precious and I know these years of shared baths, shared tears and smiles will be over before we know it and so its a reminder for me to not wish away the years.

Linking up with lovely Katie over at Mummy Daddy Me who will soon 
have her own newborn to bath.


  1. Aw, lovely! I was just talking to a friend about how times have changed: when my son was born we weren't allowed out of the hospital until we could demonstrate to the sister on the ward that we had been taught how to bath the baby! Bet nobody has time for that now

  2. 5 weeks! Wow, I think I lasted 5 days with mine! Gorgeous photos and memories to treasure x

  3. Aw these are beautiful photos and we didn't bath both our girls till quite late too as like you we were nervous. But once they started getting in the bath together they absolutely loved it. My husband often jumps in the bath with the girls and I love watching them together. xx


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