8 Feb 2016

Me and Mine // January

So we failed to get a family shot of all four of us and so this is the closest we came.

Some memories from January:-

  • lots of play dates at 'Nancy's house' and hanging out with my mummy friends
  • lots of mornings spent tearing around Wacky Warehouse (making the most of our monthly pass) whilst mummy snuggled with The Baby
  • family walks at Swintsy Resovoir and Yeadon Tarn
  • The Toddler's obsession with 'Bickey Mouse' and play dough and Thomas and Friends stop motion videos on youtube
  • The Belgian had a busy month at school with lots of cover lessons, his own lessons and two offers for teaching placements in September. Proud of how well he did in his interviews. He also had his first experience of Ofsted and our school got a 'good' rating overall which we were all really pleased about.
  • The Baby is growing up so quickly. She is very alert, loves standing up and looking all around and near the end of the month started giving gorgeous smiles.
  • I arranged a mummies on maternity leave meet up with my work colleagues and was impressed to get six mummies plus toddlers and babies to attend. We had fun catching up and didn't talk about work once - which was a relief!
  • The Toddler dropped his nap (sob) but now has an earlier bedtime of seven and this works quite well 
  • The Toddler started the month pushing lots of boundaries so has had a sticker reward chart to reinforce positive behaviour like eating his dinner, brushing his teeth and staying in his cot at bedtime. His rewards have been kinder eggs and Thomas surprise bags.
Bring it on February!

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