15 Feb 2015

Project Life Title Page 2015

So like a lot of Project Lifers I faced the great debate at the end of last year - should I switch up the size of my Project Life?

I only started a pocket scrapbooking approach to memory keeping last January, after really enjoying my first experience of putting together a December Daily album. I also realised I take sooo many pictures that I would never find enough time to scrap them all in 12 by 12 layouts.

So in my decision making process I was inspired by Allison Waken's 9 by 12 approach and that gorgeous coin protector front page, also Stephanie Makes' innovative and ambitious idea of a mini book a month and I love, love, love Tracy's 9 by 12 layouts this year too. 

However, in the end I concluded that I take far too many photos to fit into a smaller format and so I would stick with 12 by 12 - in fact my reasoning was very similar to Big City Quiet's here

Some changes that I have made to my process this year:
  • I am going for the weekly approach. I took a monthly approach last year and would often mix weeks up and ended up including most of my pictures and my months would sprawl on for ages! So I am taking a more organised and concise approach and so far am finding this is really helping me to stay focused. 
  • As a result of the weekly approach I am being more selective with photos and trying to use my big camera for at least a few of them - mainly at home shots as I am too lazy to lug it around with me. 
  • I am planning my layouts out in a little book and keeping notes on the week as last year I often scrapped in retrospect and think I lost some of the little stories and details.
  • Try to document all of our lives instead of just The Baby. I am trying to take more selfies and couple shots so our story it told too. For January I have taken some classroom shots and am trying to include the every day stuff that never makes it into my albums. (Look out for lots of arty laundry shots!)

So this is my title page for 2015. I wanted to document my layouts every week, but realistically that will never happen. I am using a mixture of Costco printing and online like Snapfish and freeprints and so I am not able to complete the layouts every week - although I am planning and note taking and post-it note sticking every week.

I have been mainly using my Heidi Swapp Dreamy edition Project Life cards and some free printables from pinterest. 

The bottom two photos were taken on New Year's Eve and the top one is from our day out in Whitby in October. I love the contrast of the pastel colours with the black and white photo and want to use more black and white in my album this year. 

What are your plans for 2015? 
I will be back soon to share some of the rest of January.


  1. This is lovely Mel - I started keeping notes and photos last year and never got around to doing anything with them. I know i'd struggle to keep up!

  2. Look forward to seeing your project life, I hope to keep mine this year!

  3. Very delicate feel to your first page :). I will be trying a photobook this year but am struggling about the size too ...


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