19 Feb 2015

Project Life 2015: Week 1

Okay so in my previous post I promised I would share my Project Life pages for 2015.
I am glad to here I am not the only one sticking with 12 by 12 - clearly some of you take as many pictures a week as me. 
So here is week 1 and I am pleased to report that it features mostly big camera photos and you can really tell the difference. 
I also resolved to take better photos of New Years as we always spend it in Belgium and the in-laws are not as into taking pictures as my family are (in fact dad claims that it 'ruins his rep' when we document our whole stay in pics and get sneaky ones of him tucking into fish and chips or asleep on the sofa at 7pm!), but I resolved that this year I would not let it stop me and I would get the big camera out and get some group shots.
Bit of a fail that I didn't get a group shot of us and even forgot to get one of me all dressed up for our posh meal on New Year's Day. So I used the self timer when we got in and got this really goofy shot - but since its the only one I used it.
Perhaps I should have asked Santa for a selfie stick in my stocking...

The second part of the week focus' on some Belgian classics like waffles and go karts on the coast. These are things we do every visit and have photos capturing it every time - so they will form a cute little record of how he grows and perhaps next photo op the waffle won't look as big as his head! 
Don't you love the shot of the go kart about to go down the steps to the beach?
I've always been a fan of extreme photography - haha!

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  1. I do like that shot of the go-kart - one of my earliest memories is of sitting on a trike at the top of some steps and realising as I pushed off that this was not going to end well (though I didn't have the words at two!). Your project life for 2015 has made a great start.


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