12 Feb 2015

Here's to being a yes mum...

Do you find that when you are the mum of a lively and adventurous toddler you end up saying 'no' far too often?

Well today I decided to be a yes mum.

I let him drive the car.

Then we went to the park, even though it was freezing, and I let him go on all the dangerous, big kid climbing frames and slides (even though it involved me having to chase him, hoist him, have a panic attack every five minutes!) that I normally drag him away from. 

He loved it. I was exhausted.

I let him push his pram all the way back to town and linger for ages over the swans.

I let him walk through the muddy puddles and then splash in them and get his trainers and jeans covered in mud.

I took him to our old favourite cafe (where the waitress is his girlfriend - it was a happy reunion) and he got a fruit shoot (daddy bans them shhh) and a chocolate rolo brownie. 

And wear it all over! 

Ad snuggle on the sofa with mummy and watch Gilmour Girls on Netflix (he's a big fan!)

Okay so perhaps the last one was more for me. It's tiring work being a yes mummy!

Do you ever have days like these?


  1. Your loving and selfless 'yes' has given him wonderful experiences! Tiring but probably more rewarding than lots of 'no-s'?

  2. There are times when being a yes mum is good x


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