3 Jan 2015

Hello 2015!

I thought that I would begin the New Year by reflecting on some of my goals from last year:
  • Blog twice a week at least - not far off, I blogged 94 times in 2014. I think my commitment to Blogvember helped this as I managed 22 days in a row and then life got busy! I have been pondering blogging and in December was toying with quitting. However during the holidays I looked back over some of my old posts and realised that even if I didn't have loads of followers or page views etc I have a loyal 'following' and I enjoy having the record for myself as I don't keep a diary anymore.
  • Take more videos of The Baby - I have taken more as he loves to watch himself!
  • Upgrade my SLR so that it has a video function - these two are linked really and I didn't upgrade my SLR yet as we're always a bit hesitant about big purchases and this year we made a big purchase (see below) so some things had to wait.
  •  Learn a new craft - not really. My friend started a sewing club in November but due to babysitting issues and parents evenings etc I haven't attended yet but this is my plan for the new year.
  • Start and complete Project Life for the year (yikes!) - this one is basically done just waiting for some more pictures to be delivered. I definitely have a lot of spreads for each month and I've kept fairly on top of it. I planned to share it more on the blog but found the project life posts don't get a lot of views or comments and so didn't bother. I am really proud of my album though and my December Daily is almost completed too.
  • Try to read a classic book every month - definitely failed with this one. Teaching really takes over your free time. I want to recommit to this one.
  • Buy our first home together - I am very proud that we achieved this one. All on our own as well. Turns out we're quite good at saving when we put our mind to it. The house is still in progress and this is why I've not shared many (any) pictures on the blog. Completing a few rooms is definitely on my 2015 to do list with the gallery wall a priority for January. 
  • Spend less time browsing online and more time socialising with friends and spending time with my lovely family - still a work in progress. I got an iphone so that pretty much ruined that goal.
  • Be more active - the Baby ensures I get the run around often but I've been pretty useless about joining a gym or a class and this is a top priority for 2015 too.
  • Eat healthier - I did well on Slimfast in July and was even able to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans for my works end of term do. I found it wasn't that sustainable and when summer came too many ice-creams and eating out undid some of my work. 
  • Take The Baby to Eurodisney (I know he's too young, but still!) - we did Bruges twice, had a day out to Whitby and lots of adventures around Yorkshire but didn't manage Disney. I think I was getting carried away after seeing someone's instagram pics and that actually he's too young at the moment. We saw a leaflet for Peppa Pig World, the other day, and that is a must-do for 2015.
5/11 ain't bad hey?
How did you do with your goals and resolutions?

In other news I just found this funny list of toddler resolutions on twitter, my Baby certainly needs to work on some of these - especially number 6 & 8!


  1. It sounds as if you have done very well with your resolutions - keeping up with Project Life is no mean task in itself! That's a lovely photo of the three of you ...

  2. I blog for myself. If other people follow me then they are welcomed but my primary audience is me and my children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren.
    My advice is wait until Baby is at least 8 years old before doing Disney. At that age they remember things properly. No point making memories that they only know about through stories because they don't actually remember themselves... and by that age they can walk for a long way without dissolving into tears of tiredness.

    1. Thanks for the advice - I think I do have a romantic view of it all when it may well be tantrums and tears and too crowded for his age!

  3. He he he that toddler resolution thing is great!

  4. Happy New Year! You'll want him to be old enough to remember Disney too. We took TSO when we were visiting my brother in California, when she was six and she says she can't remember very much about it


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