18 Jan 2015

Boxing Day and beyond...

You've all heard of When Harry Met Sally well what about when Ella met Ellis?
These two cousins have only met a few times and she was a bit small so I think he thought she was a doll. This time, however, they were little besties.
They played so sweetly together, ate together, bathed together and giggled together.
His favourite game is being chased hands down - hope this is not a sign of a future player! 
So someone (one of the many doting relatives!) would pick her up and chase him with her in their arms and he would kill himself laughing as she was squealing with delight. It was so cute!

Below are my two attempts at getting everyone in a picture and lets just say the Belgian was clearly having a bad photo day! It was great to have everyone together - if only for a few short days! We watched films, played board games and ate and just hung out. 

We also had both of the baby's first snowfall and that was really exciting. I didn't get the best pictures on my camera, He was so excited and was staring out of the window going 'wow!' and anytime someone left the door open he was out there like a shot. 
We had our first snowball fights, which he found hilarious and we even built a mini snowman.
Then the car was packed ready for Belgium for New Years...

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  1. I didn't know you'd taken a pic of everyone! I wish we'd videoed Ella chasing Ella, it was too cute!!! Maybe they'll do it again in 2 weeks! X


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