18 Feb 2014

Project Life: Scrapbooking the newborn pictures

So I am going back in time with my Project Life. I probably didn't have the time when he was a new born to 'Project Life' it and I was still a die hard scrapper then - albeit I had downsized from 12 by 12 to 8.5 by 11. These photos would have each had their own page with journalling and embellishments.
But early January I decided to switch and when I started loving the little pocket scrapbooking I realised I have so much of The Baby's first six months to catch up on.
Plus a huge wallet (or rather wallets) of photos needing a home.
My lovely instagram friend, Ashley, sent me some cards to start me off. She sent me a mix of Dear Lizzie 'Fifth and Frolic' and Maggie Holmes 'Flea Market' cards and these are mainly what I have used on these newborn layouts. 

Some techniques that I enjoyed trying on this layout:
  • Mixing up the gold sparkly and gold metallic thickers for the 'proud' caption. It really wasn't because I had run out of some of the letters.
  • The heart border and the star were created using the negatives from stickers with washi tape underneath. Love this technique.

My second layout is all about my parents being first time grandparents. These are the first pictures of each of them holding Ellis; after they had busted their way through the strict visitors hours by claiming to have travelled from 'very far away' and having to return shortly.
The harassed midwife came though and said she had a very distraught grandmother on her hands who was demanding to see me. The 'Australians' visiting from far away. This made me smile as my dad is from Belfast and has a strong Ulster accent and my mom is South African and still has a hint of this in her accent. I wondered what kind of stories they were telling to get to see me!
I understood why my mom was so keen to see me as the last she had heard at 10 p.m the night before was that things were not going well. I wouldn't let The Belgian out of my sight and so she only received the call at about 5 a.m reassuring her that both mother and baby were fine. She'd had an awful night pacing the floor and arrived at 9 a.m wanting to give her 'traumatised' daughter a big hug and they wanted her to wait till 2 p.m. This is a bit unreasonable on the very day her grandson was born.
It turned out they weren't telling fibs to see me. They had travelled from Shropshire (although they were staying in a hotel up the road) and the midwife must have confused the South African accent for Australian. 
However, they did return at two for another cuddle and she came in to change my dressing and really gave them a look. Lets just say there was no love lost between her and my mother.

Techniques I used on the cards:-
  • washi tape and a punched star stapled on for that rustic look
  • a line of stamped camera
  • some patterned cards used as is with no extra embellishment as the other cards were quite busy
  • twine tied around one of the photos 

So are you Team Midwife or Team Grandma?


  1. How lovely! Both your pages and your Mum's dedication and determination to get to see you - these are going to be super grandparents :).

  2. Oh such beautiful pages and those photos, what a cutie!

  3. awhhh love these!!! im def gonna buy some project life stuff next week, you continue to inspire me! I tried my local The Range but they didnt stock any of it-think ill try hobbycraft next week.I understand why visiting hours are in place but they are bloody annoying!! We were quite lucky because I was the only one on the post natal ward so they were quite lenient, but it must be so tricky otherwise! x

  4. ahh love your pages. Why do hospitals do that?! I was lucky my mum and dad were both with me (dad waited in the waiting room) yet both my sisters came to see me while i was still in the labour ward..minutes after the boys were born! I'm glad your mum persevered xx


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