28 Feb 2014

Project Life: Kirkstall Deli Market

So as I mentioned before I am going back in time and scrapping a month by month approach from July 2013 when my little man was born. I already had the envelopes of prints just waiting and so its been an easy and fun process.

I blogged about our little family renuion in September for The Baby's blessing. We were so lucky that is coincided with the Kirkstall Deli market as we love that place. Kirkstall Abbey has great significance to us as a family as we had our wedding pictures shot here and so when we were here my lovely brother-in-law staged a little photo shoot of our family of three. I also got some bump shots and so I plan to make a layout of the three stages of our married life there. 

Since this was autumn I chose an autumnal colour scheme of rusts, bronze, yellow and blue. I used some Becky Higgins 'Midnight' cards, the gorgeous Studio Calico woodgrain card from Copper Mountain and embellished with mini saffrass letter stickers, sequins, wood veneers from Studio Calico and the gorgeous puffy asterix' from the Copper Mountain kit that I would love like one hundred packs of.

We all joke about how The Baby's strong eyebrows look like slugs in this picture. I cut the heart from a midnight card and like to use some of the cards for this instead of the whole card - just like you would with a 12 by 12 sheet of cardstock. 

The colours on this layout are very pleasing to my eye and I feel that I captured the event well - even though it is several months later. More September layouts to come soon and The Baby's seven month photo shoot. Eek how time flies!

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  1. any market that sells Veggie samosa's has got to be a good one!! great pages Mel x


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