20 Jan 2014

The Happiness Project...

So today is BLUE MONDAY the day of the year we are supposed to feel the most depressed due to the weather, credit card bills from Christmas darkening our doorsteps, still a week till payday and we feel like failures since we have already quit all of our resolutions and are pigging out on the bar of cooking chocolate from the baking cupboard (oh is that just me?) 

However, I have always been a glass half full kinda girl. (Plus we're both quite careful with money and avoid store cards and credit cards. Enter smug smiley!)  

So I thought that I would blog FIVE simple things that bring light into my life. Feel free to join in. It always makes you feel better to focus on the positives in life and what you have been blessed with rather than what you don't have.

1) How happy something as simple as sitting in a high chair for the first time made my little boy

2) My little sister (she hates it when I call her that) is due on the 4th Feb so The Baby will have a little cousin to play with. This was the spread we put on for her baby shower. We love to put on a good spread.

3) Walks in the crisp January frost with the little one in the sling.

4) Dancing round the kitchen making tea with the radio on in the background. Songs I currently love singing along to:
  • Katie Perry Roar
  • Pharrell Williams Happy
  •  Pitbull (featuring Ke$ha) Timber
5) Blowing raspberries on my baby's tummy just to hear his cute little giggle. When I get my camera upgrade then I will share a video with you.

The Baby's idea of happiness is chewing on his toes - yum!
  So what are some of the simple things in
 life that make you happy?


  1. Well, the sun has been splitting the trees here all day - it's been beautiful and it's amazing how much energy we all have now the sun is out

  2. I'm training my replacement at work all this week so can't obsessively stalk your blog so I missed this post full of Ellis deliciousness! love that highchair pic...AND the sling pic is amazing, check out your slr skills! Your LITTLE SISTER cannot believe that you like that awful song Timber, I'm ashamed! but I can totally relate to getting desperate and resorting to the baking chocolate...I have done that more than a few times! Things I am loving right now - excitedly awaiting the arrival of Ellis' cousin! singing along loudly to Kings of Leon new album in the car...and that malteser bunnies are back on the shelves!

    1. But its so catchy and takes me back to my country roots!

  3. Now there's a happy list and so e lovely photos to go with it! Me? I am just happy to have filed my tax return ahead of the deadline!


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