12 Jan 2014

Musings on motherhood: My baby is five months old!

The Baby was five months old on Christmas Day and so somehow in all of the madness we managed a little photo shoot - although I am disappointed to see that the rub on cracked a lot probably because he is such a little wriggler.

The Baby: 
You are turning into a real charmer and have enjoyed spending time with my family over Christmas. Your granny and aunties were very obliging in babysitting for you over the festive period and they love your big smiles in the morning. You got lots of lovely new toys for Christmas that flash and play music much to your delight. You especially love your blue baby sensory ball from your Aunty M and this shows that you might be a footballer like daddy. 
Swimming and bath time are still some of your favourite things to do. In swimming you are really progressing well and you entertain everybody by smiling away and splashing and shaking your head in the water. You are very brave about going underwater and even start to hold your breath before going under. My family love your 'no, no, no's' as you vigorously shake your head from side to side and beam away. We made you a megamix of songs involving the word 'no' such as Destiny's Child and Two Unlimited and you wiggled away to it.
You seem very taken with Grandad J, but weren't too keen when he fed you some cherry yogurt - your face was a picture. You met father Christmas and unlike most babies you beamed away and did not seem fazed at all. In fact we think you love grandad as he looks like santa with his white beard.
You were totally spoilt and my family even got you your own little Christmas tree and you were a big fan of the twinkling lights. On Christmas day you enjoyed opening the presents and playing with ripped off bits of wrapping paper rather than the actual presents inside.

You have found your voice recently and have been babbling away to yourself - especially when you first wake up in the morning. You like screeching too and seem to be really amused that you can make such a loud and piercing noise.
The only downside this month has been that you had a really persistent cough that would often wake you up at night. I took you to the doctors and he diagnosed you with bronchitis and so we have to give you an inhaler four times a day. You really scream when we encase you with the mask and it takes both of us to hold you down. You are good though as the minute we remove you are smiling away again. It seems to be improving though - slowly but surely.

Mummy and daddy:
Every month we say 'this is the best age!' We love how interactive you are now and all of the new milestones. Daddy loves doing swimming lessons with you and mummy enjoys watching from the sidelines and of course taking lots of photos and videos. We loved sharing your cuteness and quirks with the family over the festive period and they enjoyed watching you splashing away in the bath.

It has been a really busy month for us and we felt apprehensive about being away from our home for so long over the festive period (and especially the plane ride coming next month in the six month round up.) We had just got you into a good bedtime routine and so the thought of travel cots, steriliser tablets and a car packed with all of your paraphernalia filled us with dread. It was better than we thought but your bedtime had to be more flexible as you didn't want to miss out on all of the action in the J household.
We enjoyed having some lie ins and it made us realise how nice life could be if we lived nearer to our families. We even managed a date to the cinema together - even if we did end the night buying nappies and more clothes for you in the supermarket! Both mummy and granny were crying their eyes out when it was time to say goodbye and granny keeps emailing to say how much she misses her morning cuddles with him and how 'dismal' the place seems with you.
We still feel immeasurably blessed to be your parents and to have you in our lives - you light up the room and everyone is captivated by your charm! 

       (The above would have been on our Christmas cards if we
                       had got round to sending any!)


  1. Aww love everything about this post! Imagine all the fun 6 months will bring! He is growing up so fast! I miss those early morning smiles so much! and yes we think he's so clever in the bath with all his splashing!!

  2. It's so lovely to take the time like this to record those milestones and thoughts. It's all too easy to forget all the little details in the rush to see the next milestone. Great stuff!

  3. Oh no! Bronchitis must be awful. So glad he smiled through it! Sounds like you had a fun and family filled Christmas... as it should be!

  4. I recorded moments and milestones...I wish they were as in depth as yours. it will be so lovely for Ellis to read these posts one day x


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