30 Jan 2014

Musings on motherhood: My baby is six months old!

How is it possible that I am writing his six month post already?
It feels like only yesterday I was in the hospital waiting for him to arrive and now?
Well the whirlwind has certainly arrived!


Your cheeky personality is really shining through. You love to babble, blow bubbles, eat your feet, roll over, have tummy time and smile away at everybody. You have become a lot more interested in other babies and try to hold hands and interact with them - very cute!
You are also really interested in playing with your toys now. You love rattling your plastic keys, putting your soft blocks in your mouth, chewing on your books, pushing buttons and bouncing up and down in your move and groove. You are a typical baby in that you love anything that lights up or makes noises. One of your favourite toys is your sensory ball that is pink, spiky, squeaks and lights up (daddy refers to it as the 'dog toy') and it was only £1.99 off Amazon! 
However, you also like to try to grab 'big kid' toys like mobile phones, tablets, remote controls, laptop cables and mummy's crafting stuff. The other day you found all her letter stickers and were rolling around in them and later when I changed you you had a 'U' stuck to your elbow! Welcome to your future!


We got you a high chair and have started weaning you. You look very pleased with yourself as you sit at the table with your mummy and daddy. We started you on baby rice flavoured with banana and strawberry and you were very keen on it. You clearly have a sweet tooth (like your parents.) On the second time feeding you you grabbed the spoon and started very confidently feeding yourself - you had clearly been watching us all eating and so you knew exactly what to do with it. You often let it dribble back down your chin, but you are a beginner to this stuff so we'll forgive you.
In the last week we have been trying you with fruit and veg purees. You were very keen on the sweet potato and the pear, but weren't sold on the banana. You make a real mess and daddy finds it 'stressful' but I enjoy seeing you interact with and explore the textures and tastes of food.
You have become very mobile this month - it is amazing how much ground you can cover just by rolling. One night you rolled yourself up in your blanket and we found it so funny to see you in such a pickle! Your drawn to the cables and the freeview box and so it looks like its time to babyproof our house. You're happiest on your tummy and so are more interested in trying to crawl than trying to sit up. In the last few days you have managed to lift your torso and bottom up and assumed crawling position, so it won't be long till you are off! Look out world!
P.S Changing you is becoming a slight challenge as you are very strong and don't want to lie on your back to get changed and so I have to pin you down! You like grabbing the wet wipes to help me out too! 

Travelling baby:

Now that your passport is here there is no stopping you. You were an expert flyer and seemed to enjoy your stay in daddy's hometown of Bruges. We pushed you around on the cobbles and ate lots of waffles and pancakes on your behalf. Your great-grandparents were very excited to meet you for the first time and brought you your own little Belgian football shirt. We also took a day trip with them to Sluis and you were really after the complimentary chocolate they got with their coffee! 
We also took a weekend trip, on the train, to visit Aunty Mara in London. You loved Camden Market, m&m world and Covent Garden and seemed to be taking it all in from your pushchair.

You're still a reluctant napper and tricky to get down at night but on the whole we could not have asked for a better baby than you. You are really placid and so easy to be around. I can carry on my life as normal - seeing friends for lunch, doing some Project Life, watching Netflix and you generally can entertain yourself. You just like smiles and tickles every now and then. You rarely cry and are just a happy little chappy.
Happy six months little man! You can stop growing now, okay?


  1. lovely update! He sounds much like Athena, I generally just have to make sure she's not crawled under the sofa as she can only go backwards at the moment, and I can watch netflix in peace as long as she's got a few toys around (and that my laptop cable isn't close enough to chew!)

    I'm glad you had a lovely time in Bruges too!

  2. Ahhhh he's doing well and sounds like a smart boy x

  3. He's thriving! and just think..another six months and you'll be planning his birthday party


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