4 Nov 2012

Storytelling Sunday: The one where we lost the car park...

What does this fluffy peach layout have to do with a dark and stormy night I hear you say?
Well this layout represents the fluff that came before the storm.
Fluff like girly shopping, consuming the cutest cupcakes with rock star names and then seeing a cheesy boyband sing their best hits at M.E.N.
Fluff that I was so excited at participating in that I neglected to pay attention to where we had parked our car.
It seemed to be in a random car park that was at the opposite end of a long road leading to the arena.
So surely if we just followed that road we would get to the car park?
In the dark it seemed someone had moved that road.
Or the car park.
Or both.
It was approaching midnight.
A storm might be a push, but it was certainly drizzly.
And very scary.
We stopped into a take-away to ask for directions (having not had much luck with the drunks on the street as it seemed a car park at the end of a long road wasn't enough to go on!)
We got chips.
He still couldn't help us though.
Then his South African friend said he had a feeling that he knew where it was and it was just up the road and that he would take us.
Hmm..I felt a bit hesitant about following a stranger into the dark.
The guy behind the counter confirmed 'he's alright' so off we went hesitantly.
We walked a few blocks into the darkness.
I had my phone ready in my pocket.
We found some railway arches, a car park and my little Ford KA.
I had never been so happy to see my car before.
The guy then offered to get into the car with us and direct us out to Leeds.
Vulnerable but not stupid - we said we'd use sat nav but thanks very much.
An hour later I was home in bed.
But a valuable lesson was learnt and now I ALWAYS note down the address or level of the car park.
Has anyone else every lost their car?
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  1. oooh scary indeed - my cousin snaps a shot on her phone of where she's left her car. I don't drive so haven't yet lost my car but there have been a few occasions where I wonder where we parked one...

  2. Well, you got there in the end - but yes, a good lesson to learn!

  3. Great story! I always make sure to note where we park. I've never lost my car, but wouldn't want to either.

  4. Haha I remember this story! I have never lost a car! But I'm loving the doily and the big colorful lettering! Was in target's scrap booking section yesterday remembering when we stumbled upon it in the States and how crazy we went! x

  5. ooooh a little bit scary!!! I've heard of people losing their car in the car park, calling the police because they thought it was stolen and then embarrassedly realizing they had parked it somewhere else! Too funny!!

  6. Wow, that's a story to get us all thinking! I love the pink and fluffy bit at the beginning to set us up for a fall. I've never lost the car, but I did once spend ages trying to get into a car that looked very like mine, the key wouldn't work and then I noticed it didn't have a child's seat inside..

    Thanks Mel. Great story!

  7. It is awful to be disoriented after a concert, probably light when you went in and dark when you came out. Glad you all got safely home in one piece.
    I couldn't find my car once. I found out my husband had moved it but remember well how I felt for that half hour. Sheer panic!

  8. it is horrid to lose the car especially at night! Definitely a scary tale

  9. Oooh yes scary stuff ... shame that sat nav can't tell you where the car is when you're not in it!

  10. That would have been scary. I have lost my car in a car park, but never have I lost the entire car park :)

  11. Glad you found the car....though following a stranger sounds a bit risky! I have forgotten where I've left my car on more than one occasion.
    Alison xx

  12. Oh my sounds like something I would do!!!

  13. I would have been in a panic - you done well to keep your cool...and head on!! we've just got home from Florida and took photos of where we parked in the car parks....all the rental cars look exactly the same! x great page Mel.

  14. I lose my car all the time, thankfully not at night yet though! x

  15. Only just seen this page! Love the doily, colours and title. A night never to be forgotton that's for sure! x


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