11 Nov 2012

Remembering Remembrance Sunday

Our family tradition was always to go to the cenotaph in London to watch the remembrance day parade. I found this old photograph and decided that it needed scrapping. The journalling reads:
"There are a few things I love about this photo. Firstly we are waiting in the freezing cold to watch the remembrance day parade and that is a family tradition we always loved. Secondly the green jeans, the multi-coloured jumper and baseball cap are 90's fashion all over. Lastly I have my nose stuck in a book and not just any book one of The Babysitter's Club books. I loved those books and got the whole series. It's always the little things that you remember about a big day."

Do you have any family traditions like this?


  1. haha love this! what a blast from the past! I always remember it being freezing cold! and looking forward to waving at the queen...how times have changed!I like the mismatched pattern papers, very cool!

  2. ah thats a lovely page, love the twine x

  3. how lovely to have this memory! great page Mel x

  4. Isn't it interesting to scrap a photo from some time ago? We notice all kinds of things we probably didn't then ... Lovely tradition.


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