2 Nov 2012

Second starburst of the week...

That is what this post is really all about.
I have piles of exercise books to mark and essay drafts which give me a headache just looking at them.
So instead I immerse myself in prettiness.
In paper, letter stickers and flair.
Is there a difference between procrastination and just taking a break.
All you teachers out there how do you establish that work/life balance?
I try to keep most of my half term about me and relaxing.
Like eating a delicious toblerone brownies with an enormous hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and mini marshmallows.
Seeing Skyfall. My three word review: action packed, epic and endearing.
Okay so that was four words.
What have you been up to?
I know my sister who teaches in Canada doesn't get a half term.
So back to scrapping...some close-up shots...

I have been wanting to create a layout about where we live and what we like about it, but kept forgetting to take pics. This shows the market which is one of the things we like about where we live.

And a sneak peak of another trend I have been dabbling in...


  1. That border at the top really is lovely!

    Sometimes I call my procrastination spontaneity becasue I have decided to do something else on the spur of the moment instead!

  2. A real patchwork feel to this! Hope your procrastination/relaxation has been enjoyable at least ...

  3. Sooo super jeal of your procrastination! I love the star tape you used on this page and the heart embellishment! Cool idea for a page too!

  4. What a lovely page! I love how you used the heart flair!


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