8 Sep 2012

When Fiskars meets October Afternoon...

What car games do you play when you go on a road trip? My sister and I decided on our Californian road trip last summer that we wanted to get pictures of each state's number plate and so it kept us entertained on the long Californian freeways.
Some were incredibly easy - namely Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona...basically all the state's bordering California. The more elusive states were Maine. Deleware and some of the southern states - but we sort of cheated and found them all in the Miners Diner in Julian and so that is the picture that I used in the layout.
We had to get quick at whipping the camera out to get the shot before the car overtook us! We annoyed the Belgian a lot by asking him to speed up or slow down or change lanes all in the name of a photo - and he claims that we caused an accident, but he does like to exaggerate things.
So I decided this part of our trip needed to be remembered in a layout. What could be more appropriate than Studio Calico's Boarding Pass range?
I used my trusty Fiskars (purchased from none other than Shimelle via that good old auctioning site) to create a page border at the top and bottom, then I could mix up the different designs (that's when double sided cardstock is really versatille - I love the B sides on this range too!) I also layered up a variety of washi tape.

Journalling about the number plate challenge:

Quite a simple design and one that I have used before here and here.
Has anyone else used Boarding pass for holiday snaps?


  1. we usually play name that tune!! Super layout the patterns are perfect for a road trip x

  2. what a fun game to play on your roadtrip!!

  3. It's a lovely page. I used some SC map paper for my holiday pages this year - the very bit of Scandinavia you have a close up of there :)

  4. I love this page, I actually scrapped about the number plates last week as well! But I've done a double layout and filled each page with all the actual number plate photos! I spent ages trying to think of a good title, I like yours! The patterned circle borders look really great, love the colour scheme and the washi tape :)

  5. The punched circles filled with paper looks so cool! The license plate game sounds like fun!

  6. such a cool layout! Love those punched circles :)


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